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Residential Frequently Asked Questions


· How often can I visit my son / daughter?

Creative Innervisions has an open door policy and encourages parental / guardian / family involvement as much as possible. 


· How are activities planned?


The individuals in the home are involved in expressing their preference for in-home and community-based activities.  In the case of individuals who cannot express their preference, the input of friends / family is critical to ensure that the activities planned are enjoyable, educational, and beneficial for the individuals of the home.   Parents / guardians / family friends are welcome to participate in these activities with the individuals.  The goal is for the individuals to participate in community based activities as much as possible.


Parents and family members with hobbies or specific skills such as cooking are welcome to come into the home and assist direct care staff in teaching these skills / crafts to the individuals in the home.


The staff of Creative Innervisions will also be asked to seek out community activities that they feel will be beneficial for the individuals they serve.


· How will my son / daughter’s health needs /    Appointments be met?


Staff and management of the home will be responsible for setting up, transportation to, and the completion of all health consultations.  Parents / guardians may also attend health consultations if they choose to do so.  Health records will be updated as appointments occur and records will be maintained according to DES/DDD standards.



· How will the supervision of my son / daughter be established?


The ISP (Individual Support Plan) team will set up provisions for the individuals supervision needs.  Appropriate staffing ratios will be maintained at the homes to ensure the safety of all individuals served.



· How will the geography of my child’s home be determined?


Creative Innervisions would like to see as much family participation as possible.  If the geography of the home can advance this participation, Creative Innervisions will make every attempt to secure a home that is as geographically accommodating and convenient as possible.

· Can visitation from family friends or extended family occur?


Visitation from friends and extended family is encouraged with prior parent / guardian approval.


· How will my child’s needs for communication by use of alternative languages be addressed?


Current staff with Creative Innervisions are Spanish speaking and are knowledgeable of American Sign Language (ASL).  Every effort will be made to staff each home according to your child’s communication needs.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care, if communication needs cannot be met immediately, we will secure our staff with further learning / training in order to fulfill understanding of your child’s communication method.


· How will the safety and sanitation of my chid’s home be ensured?


All homes will meet DHS (Department of Health Services) standards for sanitation and safety and are inspected by DHS annually.  Management staff will ensure that these needs are fulfilled and that the direct care staff have the materials / resources necessary to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.


· If my child needs adaptations to the home, how will this occur?


Prior to intake, any adaptions needs will need to be communicated to Creative Innervisions.  Adaptions to the home will occur to ensure a safe environment for your child.


· How can the safety of my son / daughter’s personal possessions / funds be ensured?


Upon entering the home, an inventory of possessions will be completed and updated as needed.  All homes will be secured at all times in order to prevent loss of possessions.


Upon intake, and annually at the ISP, the parent / guardian may request a monthly ledger of funds to be sent to them.  The ledger may include, upon request, copies of all receipts.  Supervisory staff will ensure the reconciliation and exact accounting of the monthly ledgers.


· What is my son / daughter required to bring?


Any personal belongings that are essential to your child should be brought to the home.  If the child does not have specific items, for example, a bed or any furniture for the child’s room, the agency will obtain these items for them.


· How will my child’s individualized needs be taught to the direct care staff?


Individualized needs will be identified upon intake and reviewed at least semi-annually at ISP team meeting.  Direct care staff will receive a full orientation to your child’s individualized needs and will receive ongoing training in this area to ensure quality care.


· How can I be ensured that nutritious meals are fed to my child?


Menu planning will occur for each home in accordance to each individual’s nutritional needs and will follow Doctor recommendations, when special diets are necessary for the individual‘s health and well-being.  Menus will be created with the assistance of the individuals living in the home and will take into account specific likes, dislikes, and food allergies.  Direct care staff will follow the planned menus.  A balanced meal will be offered at all times but staff may substitute nutritionally equivalent alternatives with management approval.  Healthy snacks will also be made available to your child.


. Parents are welcome to participate in the menu-planning process.


Community based activities may also include going out to eat.


· How will the minimization of staff turnover occur?


The philosophy of Creative Innervisions is to be supportive of direct care staff in order to ensure the best on-the-job performance.  Our company has made all efforts to secure the best benefits and pay scale to our employees to ensure longevity and overall quality of care.  The input of the direct care staff and their involvement in the decision making process for the company is crucial in providing a positive, fulfilling work environment.


· How are concerns addressed with your company?


Any concerns that you may have can be addressed with Management staff.  Upon intake, agency administrative phone numbers will be provided to address any questions or concerns that you may have.