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Creative Innervisions Day Program


Creative Innervisions, LLC,  Day Program was started 10/27/2006 and it models the belief that our individuals will continue to grow positively if they are actively engaged in the community; doing activities that they enjoy.  The Day Program provides community integration but also provides a structured in-house environment that will stimulate and challenge each program participant.


The focus of the Day Program is to encourage socialization, active participation in their communities, learn/enhance life skills, live healthier and more active lives, being involved with teamwork and most importantly having the right to self-determination.


Creative Innervisions, LLC wants to provide an environment that is exciting and not monotonous. Some of the activities that will be taking place are: Trips to museums, libraries, malls, sporting arenas, fire and police stations, recreation centers and parks.  At the site, team discussions (getting problems/issues out in the open and resolved), current events, arts and crafts, life skills, games, puzzles, and some simple culinary skills.  On-going discussions with the program participants will ultimately determine the activities of the future!


Some of the program participants are involved in a work program 2-3 days per week.  The other day’s offset with activities in the community (mentioned above).  This employment opportunity gives the participants a chance to earn some extra money and more importantly learn responsibility, work ethic and job skills.  The work programs offered at Creative Innervisions, LLC are landscaping, clerical, carpet cleaning and home maintenance.  The landscaping crew completes tasks such as raking, clipping, picking up and bagging shrubbery, weed removal and general outside yard duties.  Clerical and home maintenance consists of filing, answering phones and general household chores.

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